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Shepherding a rapidly evolving, cross-stakeholder story within a global public health crisis dialogue


The client

Global Head of Business Unit Communications

Services delivered

Insocius acceleration™


Strategic communications,
internal communications,
external communications,
communications alignment,
partner alignment


When the global coronavirus pandemic emerged, the client’s R&D team sought to repurpose a therapy from its portfolio, leveraging historical experience with viral pathogens. The programme required the rapid engagement of a cross-functional team to accelerate development activities with an urgent requirement for a comprehensive communications strategy to engage partners, address queries from regulators and public health communities and engage the public.  All with strategic consideration for the rapidly evolving health dialogue, changing nature of the pandemic burden and competing stories across the healthcare community.

The solution


Insocius designed a strategic internal and external communications programme.

  • Communications alignment: coordinated prompt alignment on communications tenets, principles and core foundational assets to support rapid engagement of diverse internal and external stakeholders.
  • Compelling content: led a proactive review and redeployment of clear compelling content as global pandemic dialogue evolved over the development period, which spanned from a proposed approach to completion of a multi-country phase three clinical trial in 14 months. Content included comprehensive internal and external facing message and Q&A documents, infographics and educational materials, guidance documents, engagement tools, presentations and milestone announcements.
  • Engagement: activated a thoughtful approach to engagement with programme partners, company affiliates and third parties to help shape dialogue and provide clear and accurate information about the programme and its potential to address urgent pandemic needs.

The results

Content Image
Rapidly increased awareness of programme purpose over one year
Content Image
Increased accurate message penetration in relevant news coverage
Content Image
Created close alignment with partners and teams on core messaging to convey important programme attribute

Delivering impact with agility and pace

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