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Articulating complex strategy: a critical strategic issue for today’s pharma and healthcare leaders

Written by Matt De Gruchy - 2 minute read

Challenging market and stakeholder dynamics are driving an increased need for today's pharma and healthcare leaders to devise and articulate complex corporate or business strategies.

Whether these challenges arise from changes in stakeholder expectations (such as regulation or policy change, payer and access challenges or disruptive competitor entry) or changes in strategic focus (encompassing a brand or portfolio strategy reset, a pivot in corporate position or the chance to capitalise on an unexpected opportunity), they all bring about the need for cross-business articulation, enablement and engagement. With often high-stake, high impact business requirements and the need to resolve challenging, potentially conflicting, internal perspectives at speed, this is no easy task. 

Our work with clients, and conversations with leaders across the pharma and healthcare space, have shown us that success rests not only on the leader’s ability to bring about the articulation of the strategies, but also on how the strategies are created (or co-created) and how teams across the organisation are activated to successfully engage customers using them.   

At Insocius, our proven approach has made us a trusted partner for leaders with critical strategic communications challenges. We go beyond ‘standard’ narrative work, blending deep stakeholder insights, commercial understanding and organisation enablement to help senior leaders to deliver: 

  • Enterprise alignment behind strategy 
  • Previously unconsidered solutions to the critical challenge 
  • Tailored engagement programmes that realise desired mindset shifts in target audiences 

What makes Insocius different?

We are well placed to support leaders to meet their strategic communication challenges through a combination of our expertise and the way in which we partner. 

  • We always drive for impact – we go beyond the brief to make sure that we create meaningful value for the stakeholder 
  • Our courage and curiosity – we question, challenge, and dig deep until we find the insights and activators that will make the difference 
  • Our experience – our people have over 20 years’ experience and have the ability to gain the trust of senior teams and lead robust conversations 
  • Our expertise – we combine subject matter and business expertise relevant to each topic with communication and change method 
  • Our pragmatic approach – wherever possible we work to simplify so we can be sure our solutions can be activated effectively 

To find out more about how we could support you with your critical strategic communications challenges, please get in touch with the team.

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