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Navigating complexity,
delivering results

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You can expect our work to be more pragmatic, robust and applied than you will have seen with more traditional consultancies. We ask powerful questions, harness industry-leading tools and build customised teams to design and co-create the approach that will work in your context and accelerate your business performance.

Our services

Combining scientific, commercial and market access experience and change, communication and coaching methods, we have the skills to help accelerate what’s possible for your teams and functions across four areas: 

We’ll help you to articulate the value of your brand, science, business unit or function to the diverse and often competing interests of your patients, physicians, payers, policy-makers and employees.

We’ll support you to enhance the value of your core story – ensuring it is co-created by stakeholders with the right expertise, that leaders are aligned behind it and that teams are activated to successfully engage customers using it.

Our experience

  • Brand or portfolio strategy articulation
  • Patient access and policy value demonstration
  • Competitive entry preparedness
  • Introduction of new science or technology
  • Corporate and brand reputation
  • Licence to operate issues

What we offer

  • Customer-facing stakeholder and executive interviews
  • Senior leader and cross-functional alignment workshops
  • Communications strategy and message development
  • Objection handling
  • Tools and resource development

We accelerate the ability of your global, regional and country teams to implement new strategy through building support and embedding enduring behaviours.

Our experience

  • Vision and direction
  • New operating models
  • Commercial, medical strategy and launch excellence
  • Capability build, ways of working, values and culture

What we offer

  • Employee enrolment and engagement
  • Senior management engagement
  • Senior leader workshops
  • Playbooks and toolkits

We help leaders to inspire and motivate teams through business transformation – building and embedding commitment to a new future through a clear vision, meticulous planning, and employee involvement.

We work side-by-side with teams who are introducing new methods, processes, infrastructure, and capabilities into their operations.

Our experience

  • Company expansion and downsizing
  • Major restructures and business re-engineering
  • Introduction of new technology
  • Mergers, acquisitions and divestments

What we offer

  • Leadership around intent, organisation value and strategy
  • Transformation engagement planning, content development and operationalisation
  • Programme management workstream leadership and delivery

We understand that every person – and every team – is different. Our qualified coaches can help leaders to increase their individual impact and leadership.

We give the space and challenge they need to evaluate strategic options and prioritise their way ahead.

We work with teams to elevate their impact across all stages of their development, increasing team performance, strategic impact and effective team ways of working to deliver results.

Our experience

  • Senior leaders new in role or new to the organisation
  • Senior leaders needing to develop and execute on a new strategy or improve individual performance
  • Leadership teams going through a change in vision, strategy or culture
  • Leadership teams needing to improve their alignment, ways of working or team performance
  • Leadership teams and senior leaders looking to build resilience

What we offer

  • Executive interviews, challenge and coaching with accredited executive coaches
  • External, trusted and confidential sessions to debate strategic decisions and get honest feedback
  • Strategy counsel and challenge sessions to develop strategic thinking and business critical planning
  • Personal brand work, executive one-on-one mentoring and coaching for increased personal impact and team effectiveness
  • Executive communications planning
  • Team performance and development workshops and pivotal strategy meetings

Ready to accelerate your performance?