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Listening as the leadership superpower

Written by Insocius - 2 minute read

While the link between listening and organisational performance is well established in the pharma sector, today’s leaders often struggle to develop or implement listening skills well enough to make that connection.

From an absence of executive education in MBA programmes to an organisational focus on the processes and procedures around listening, listening – and the ability to implement what you hear as a result – is difficult to achieve. That’s why we’re exploring this vital topic in our very first podcast episode.

CEO and Insocius Insider host Caroline Stern is joined by industry experts and Insocius collaborators Mike Pounsford, author of ‘Leading the Listening Organisation,’ and Gina Arangio, a specialist in transformation and organisational development. Their insightful discussion explores reasons why listening is essential to achieve at all levels of the organisation, but difficult to do in practice. They share practical strategies for embedding a listening culture, including implementing micro-actions, and the power of personal vulnerability.

You’ll gain valuable insights on:

  • The disconnect between leaders who believe they are skilled listeners and the realities employees experience
  • Overcoming the ‘threat response’ that can prevent open dialogue
  • Listening best practices during times of organisational change and transformation
  • Tapping into digital listening channels like enterprise social networks
  • How listening can contribute to an organisation’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities

Tune in to the full episode and learn practical strategies for becoming a listening leader. For those interesting in learning more, we are offering an exclusive 40% discount on Mike Pounsford’s book ‘Leading the Listening Organisation’ using the code INSOCIUS40 until the end of May 2024 available to purchase here.

At Insocius, we’re passionate about empowering leaders to truly listen and transform their organisations. Reach out today to learn more about implementing this transformative approach.

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